Google Plus Tips: Create a poll on Google+ [How To]

Posted by Prashant on August 29, 2011 in Google,Google+,How To

poll options for Google+

In the Google Plus section, we cover tips & tricks related to Google’s new experiment Google Plus. Facebook already has a polling option where user can ask a question, add options to it and let other choose their desired option. Person who asks a question can allow others to add options to the poll question. This feature available in Facebook is yet to arrive in Google Plus, but there is an alternative which you can use to create a poll on Google+.

How to create a poll on Google+?

Step 1 : Ask a question

Decide what you want to ask your friends/followers and then type the question in your stream.

post poll on google+


Step2 : Post the poll options as comments

Once you have posted the question, next step is to add the poll options in the comment section as shown below.

add poll options

Step3 : Lock the Post & Disable comments

As we are posting a poll, you can go ahead and lock the post which will disallow any further share of the poll and should also disable comments.disable comments in google+

Step4: Enable the comments & declare winner

Other users with whom the post is shared will do a +1 for the poll option they choose. Once your poll is over you can enable the comments for the poll and then can declare the poll winner based on maximum no. of +1’s for a particular poll option in comment section.

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