Google Plus Tips: How to download Google Plus data?

Posted by Prashant on July 23, 2011 in Google,Google+,How To,Social Networking

google plus data download

Similar to Facebook , Google Plus also has a feature which allows user to download their online social networking data which includes their profile info, photo albums, stream data , buzz, contacts and circles. It’s good to keep a backup of your Google Plus data on your local hard drive in case you lose access to your account or plan to delete your account. (Although I doubt this will happen 😉 )

Step 1 : Go to Google Settings > Data Liberation

Click on the Google+ settings icon which is on the top right corner of your webpage and then go to ‘Google Settings’.
In the left side panel select ‘Data Liberation’ . Data liberation is nothing but a simple way to download your Google Plus Data. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus allows you to download your data in separate parts which means you can decide what you want to download. You can download your Picasa web albums photo, your profile data, your stream data, your buzz data or your circles and contacts.

google plus data download
You also have an option to download all of these information together which you can do by clicking ‘Download your data’ button.

Step 2: Takeout

After clicking ‘Download your data’ button , you will be directed to a ‘Takeout’ screen where you have option to choose the services for which you want to download the data. Click on ‘Choose Services’ tab to add or remove the services. Approximate data for each of these services will be shown in a graphical format with ‘Estimated files’ and ‘Estimated size’.  ‘Downloads’ tab will show your download history and allows you to again download archives.

google data download2

Step3 : Download

‘Create Archive’ will start backing up the selected services and will create the zip file to be downloaded. In the below image, please note that only my “+1’s” and “Streams” are available for download because I chose those 2 services in my earlier step. Click on ‘Download’ button will again require you to log into your account and on successful login download will begin.

google data download3


Step4 : Unzip the files and view the data

Unzipping the files will create different folders for each service with the data in it. It will create separate HTML files for each stream that you have posted on your profile and your +1’s will be in single HTML files as bookmarks.

google data download4

google data download5

+1’s for Google Plus Data Download

Google Plus: Gives you an option to download data based on services e.g. separate download for photos, streams, +1s etc.

Facebook: Doesn’t have this option.

Google Plus : Faster Instant download

Facebook: Downloading Facebook data takes few hours time and email is sent by FB team once your FB data is ready for download.

-1’s for Google Plus Data Download

Google Plus: Although the separate download for each service is available but viewing downloaded data is not user friendly. Separate files are created for streams and you have click on each of these HTML files to view the stream posts.

Facebook: In case of Facebook data download, all of the downloaded data is clubbed together and can be accessed in a simple HTML format.

I think Facebook and Google Plus should learn from each other and make their download service excellent and more user friendly. Let me know if guys are also able to find more differences /flaws in download services of Google Plus and Facebook.  Go ahead and read how to download your Facebook data.

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