Google Plus Tips: How to suspend Google Plus circle?

Posted by Prashant on September 18, 2011 in Google,Google+,How To


Google Plus circles helps you to organize your Google Plus contacts based on particular interest. You can create different circles for your friends, family, photographers you follow, techies you follow, people you met online or any other circle you like. Though Google Plus helps you to create, delete and rename circles there is no option to suspend circle.

You might wonder what is the need for suspending a circle? Everytime you create a circle, a separate stream is created for the circle and currently by default when you log into Google Plus, you are shown content from all your circles. But what if for sometime you don’t want posts from your photographers circle because users from that circle post a lot which doesn’t allow you to concentrate on other circles. Today one of Tech Journalist asked on Google Plus that how can he suspend his particular circle for sometime and its then that I got curious. Though Google Plus doesn’t have a way to suspend Google Plus circle but you can try the below option to hide posts from a particular circle.

How to suspend Google Plus circle?

Go to your Circles tab and open the circle that you want to suspend. Now to click on More actions on the right corner of your circles.

block circles

Now click “Select All” and then click Block.

block circle2

Before you go ahead and do the above steps, let me make you understand what is going to happen based on which you can decide whether you really want to block the circle. Once you block the circle, you will not view any post from anyone added in that circle, even if they are added to others circles too. You always have an option to unblock everyone in the circle. But above trick will at least help you to filter your stream until Google Plus releases feature to suspend a circle.

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