Google Plus Tips : How to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+

Posted by Mayank on August 21, 2011 in Google,Google+

With every passing day, my interest in Google+ is increasing. I was looking at a few Chrome extensions for Google Plus and I was amazed at the different kinds of products being developed. One of such products caught my attention and looked to solve what I needed. This product is to transfer photos from Facebook to Google+ account of yours.

This extension is applicable for Chrome users only and works seamlessly. So, if you’re not a Chrome user yet, this may be another reason to install Chrome browser on your computer. Let’s see how it works.

How to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google Plus

1. Install the Chrome extension – Move Your Photos. Please note that you need to open this URL in Chrome.

2. Once installed, you will notice a new icon with a picture of a bus appear next to the URL field.

3. Click the icon and it will open the Move your Photos utility and give you the option to move all photos or select photos you would like to move.

move your photos from facebook to google+





4. Once you have made your selection, go to the bottom of the page and click “upload”. In a few minutes, all your selected photos and albums will be moved from Facebook to Google Plus.

5. You can keep this extension if you’d like to always upload photos in Facebook and then transfer them over to Google+. Or you can even uninstall this extension because more the number of extensions you have, slower your browser will perform.


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