Google Plus Tips: Invite Friends on Google Plus using link

Posted by Prashant on August 6, 2011 in Google,Google+

On this Friendship day , Google Plus have made it much easier to invite your friends to join Google Plus. In the beta phase of the Google Plus , to invite friends either you need to enter their email id or can invite them using suggestion provided by Google Plus based on your contact list. At times it happens that you don’t remember the email id of a friend and it gets difficult to invite them.

But now you can invite your friends to join Google Plus in this limited field trial by simply using a link.You can send this link to your friends via chat, or can post on your Facebook Wall, share it via your blog/website or any other way you like. Once your friend will click this link, they will be taken to Google Plus home page and pop up message will tell them that you friend Mr. ABC has invited you to join Google Plus.

I posted about this upcoming feature of Google Plus 2 days ago on my Google Plus Profile. You can follow me on Google Plus to get similar updates on Google Plus features.


How to invite friends on Google Plus using link?Invite_friends_on_Google_Plus

To use this new feature , you just need to click the “Invite friends” option on the right sidebar of your Google Plus profile.

On the next screen you will be given 2 options to invite friends

1. Invite people by email

This option was also present during the beta launch of Google +. You just need to email id of your friends to invite them to join Google Plus.


2. Invite People using Link

Share the link provided in the box with your friends and ask them to join Google Plus. This feature rolled out today currently limits invitation upto 150 friends per user.

We have noticed the competition between 2 giants i.e. Google Plus Vs Facebook and while Facebook is rolling out new features at a faster pace , Google Plus is also adding new updates to its limited trial.

To get regular updates on Google Plus and other amazing stuff follow +Prashant Tyagi and +Apurva Tripathi on Google Plus.

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