Google Plus Tips : Lock an Album from Further Resharing

Posted by Mayank on September 9, 2011 in Google,Google+

Google Plus has rolled out a new update to improve the sharing of photos. The negative aspect of having the ability of sharing of photos is that once a photo has been shared by you, you cannot limit people from sharing it further, which can cause the photo to land up with someone you never wanted to share with.

This new feature rolled out by Google+ limits the sharing of your photos by allowing you to lock an album, which limits further resharing of the same. You can lock an album from two places :

  • Your Photos page, or
  • Album posts in the Stream

When you lock an album, what happens is:

  • Viewers won’t be able to +mention new people
  • Photo tags by viewers won’t expand who can see your album
  • All of your posts about your album will also be locked

How to Lock an Album from your Photos Page:

  1. Click Your albums and then click on the album you’d like to lock.
  2. Click on “Visible to” option to see who can currently view the album (e.g. Limited)
  3. Check the Lock this album box (option saves to “Locked Album” immediately after you check it).
  4. HitSave

lock albums in google plus

How to Lock from an Album Post in the Stream:

  1. Find the post with the album you want to lock
  2. Choose Lock this post from the drop-down menu located at the top right

You can verify both the cases by the presence of “Locked” option on that album and stream as shown below :

album locked

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