Google Plus Tips – Must’ve List of Google Employees for your Circles

Posted by Mayank on August 15, 2011 in Google+

Since Google Plus has gone live, there are a lot of Google employees, who have become active on Google Plus. Here is a lost of Google employees, who are active on Google Plus. You can utilize this list to add all these guys in appropriate Google+ circles and most likely you’d be at the top of any upcoming news from Google.

It is no hidden secret that Google hires only the brightest and believe me, you’d do good by in such a company.

+Sergey Brin
+Larry Page

VPs/Senior VPs
+Vic Gundotra (Engineering)
+Bradley Horowitz (Product)
+Jeff Huber (Commerce & Local)
+Marissa Mayer (Local, Maps & Location Services)

Community Managers
+Melissa Daniels (Chrome OS)
+Brian Rose (Google+ Photos)
+Vanessa Schneider (Google Places)
+Toby Stein (Google+ Project)
+Natalie Villalobos (Google+ Project)

Product Managers
+Anish Acharya (Google+ Mobile)
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  (Google+ Product)
+Amir Fish (Google+ Photos)
+Frances Haugen (Google+ Profiles)
+Caroline McCarthy (Product Marketing)
+Jonathan McPhie  (Product)
+Christian Oestlien (Google+ Ads)
+Joe Rideout  (Google+ Android)
+Punit Soni (Google+ Games & Mobile)

Engineering Directors/Managers
+Chee Chew  (Google + Hangouts)
+Dave Besbris  (Google+)
+Chris Millikin

Software Engineers
+Eric W. Barndollar (Google+)
+James Bogosian (Web Solutions)
+Andrew Bunner (Google+)
+David Byttow (+1)
+Eric Cattell (Social Graph)
+John Costigan (Google Profiles)
+Matt Cutts (Webspam)
+Pavan Desikan (Google+/Gmail)
+Kelly Ellis  (Google+)
+Trey Harris (Site Reliability)
+Griff Hazen
+Andy Hertzfeld
+Matt Keoshkerian
+Todd Knight
+Jean-Christophe Lilot  (Google+)
+Lan Liu
+Vincent Mo (Google+ Photos)
+Dobromir Montauk (Google+ Infrastructure)
+Stephen Ng (Gmail)
+Owen Prater
+Joseph Smarr (Technical)
+Na Tang
+Yonatan Zunger (Chief Architect, Google Plus)

Consumer Operations Manager
+Michael Hermeston (Google+ Support)

Developer Advocates
+Chris Chabot (Developer Relations)
+Timothy Jordan (Developer Relations)

+Brett Lider (Product/User Experience)
+Jonathan Terleski (Google+)
+Charles Warren (User Experience Lead, Google Social)

Program Managers
+Julian Harris (Technical)
+Adam Lasnik (Google Map Maker)

Tech Lead Manager
+Natalie Glance (Google Shopping)

Test Engineer
+Erick Fejta (Tester for Google Storage)

President, Enterprise
+Dave Girouard (Cloud Apps)

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