Google Plus Tips: Posting directly from Google Plus to Facebook

Posted by Prashant on July 20, 2011 in Google+,Social Networking

We have already discussed how to connect your Facebook and Google Plus profiles and now we have found something more wonderful using which you will be able to share you post directly from Google Plus to other social networking profiles i.e Facebook, Twitter and

+Agent G application developed by Saggi Malachi accesses your posts from Google Post and share it on your other social networking accounts. Below are simple steps which you can do to setup this application.

Important Update: New name of Agent G is Rob McGee. Please share your posts with Rob McGee to post on Facebook. Rest of the steps mentioned below are same.

Step 1: Add +Shraga Malachi (+Agent G) to your circles.

Shraga Malachi (earlier known as +Agent G)  Google Plus user account which will be used to share your Google+ posts directly on your Facebook profile. But, Firstly you need to add Shraga Malachi (+Agent G)to your Google+ Circles.

Add Shraga Malachi

Step 2: Connecting Social networking accounts

Go to where it will ask you to login with your Facebook, Twitter or profile. This is a secured login done using Oauth for Twitter and and Facebook connect for Facebook which means your login details will never be displayed to this website so it’s completely secure.

Once you have logged in, it will provide you an authentication string which you would then need to copy and post on your Google + profile and share with +ShragaMalachi only.

Sharing with Shraga Malachi

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Step 3: Posting to other social networks from Google Plus

After getting authentication string and sharing it with +Agent G on Google Plus, you can then decide which posts you want to share on your Facebook, Twitter or accounts. Just share the post with +Agent G on Google Plus and within minutes your post will be posted on your other social networking accounts.

Posting Via Shraga Malachi
Note: Currently only posts up to 420 characters can be posted on your Facebook Profile.

Step 4: Check posts on other social networking accounts

After you post your original post on Google Plus, it takes 2-3 minutes for Agent G to process and post your Google Plus status on other social networking profiles.

Example of original post on Google Plus and shared post on Facebook

Share post from Google Plus to Facebook

Step 5: Enjoy

So while you explore features on Google Plus you can share your status with friends on Facebook and other social networking websites without even logging into those.

How to stop + Shraga Malachi (+Agent G) from posting on your Facebook Profile?

If at some point of time you feel that you no longer want +Shraga Malachi to share your Google Plus posts on your Facebook Profile, then do the following

1. Remove +Shraga Malachi from your circles

Go to the circle to which you have added +Shraga Malachi to and double click to edit it. Click on +Shraga Malachi and then hit remove.

Remove Shraga Malachi

2. Remove access of Agent G from Facebook

Log into your Facebook account and go to privacy settings. At the bottom on privacy settings page, you will find settings for “Apps and Websites”. Click ‘Edit your settings’ link next to it. It will show all the apps that have access to your Facebook profile and data. You should always keep a check on these applications and should remove unnecessary applications. Now Click on G+ Agent which will show you the access granted to this application which is ‘Access my basic info’ and ‘Post to my Wall’.

remove Agent G access from facebook


If you are sure you want to remove the access of Agent G then you can go ahead and click ‘Remove App’ link to completely delete the application.

Issues with +Agent G

Due to Google’s policy change for Plus profile accounts original +Agent G was made unavailable for some time but now with the new name of Shraga Malachi , Agent G is working fine. Earlier few users reported issues with +Agent G while syncing Google Plus and Facebook. +Agent G team has fixed the issue. If you still face any issue you can also try posting from Google Plus to Facebook using profile feeds or can also use Facebook upload email id to post to Facebook.

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1 Frankrozendaal July 21, 2011 at 7:46 am

I’ve tried this today, but it doesn’t seem to work (anymore?)….. Any idea?

2 Tony Stein July 21, 2011 at 11:40 am

Step 2 fails for me. When I try to login with Facebook, I get the message: “An error occurred with G+ agent. Please try again later.”

3 Prashant July 21, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Hi Frank, Earlier today +Agent G had problem syncing posts with Facebook but now its fixed. If you still face some issue you can use this alternate method to post to Facebook from Google Plus.

4 Prashant July 21, 2011 at 1:38 pm

Hi Tony, You can try now and it should work. If you still face some issue you can also use this alternate method to post to Facebook from Google Plus.

5 Yanesh Tyagi+survivalguide July 21, 2011 at 9:18 pm


I was thinking of sync between G+ and Fb. Seems to be an easy ans secure way… And the best part is that it allows you which post to post on fb.

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