Google Plus Tips: Posting directly to Facebook from Google Plus(2)

Posted by Prashant on July 21, 2011 in Google,Google+,Social Networking

With the launch of Google Plus , users have started to shift from Facebook to Google Plus and are spending more time exploring Google Plus. At the same time they want to remain connected on Facebook and share their status with FB friends. +Agent G is a good application which allows to share your post from Google Plus to Facebook and other social networks. You can read here how to configure Agent G to post directly from Google Plus to Facebook.

How to Post from Google Plus to Facebook using “Upload via email” option?

Few users of +Agent G have reported that they are unable to sync their Google Plus posts with Facebook due to some problem with +Agent G app and the development team of this app is working on this.

“Don’t worry we have found an easy and alternative solution to share your Google Plus posts on Facebook without using +Agent G.”

As you might be aware that while sharing posts on Google Plus, we have an option to share it with someone who is not on Google Plus.  When you click on “Add more people” below the stream box you can enter the email id of the person with whom you want to share the post with. We will make use of this functionality of Google Plus to share post with our Facebook unique upload email id as shown below.

Don't confuse it with your Facebook login email id or your Facebook unique username.
This is a unique email id associated with your account and should never be shared with anyone.

Share Google Plus post on Facebook

+Agent G is reported to be working fine for Twitter.

How to get unique Facebook email id to post from Google Plus?

So now we know that we need to share of Google Plus post with Facebook unique upload email id to post status directly to Facebook.  You might be thinking but how do I get this email id. Let me tell you that you already have one.

FB Upload via email2

Every Facebook userid has a unique upload email associated to his/her account. You can read here how to get Facebook unique email id to post photos and status updates.

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