Google Plus Tips: Rename circle in Google Plus [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 7, 2011 in Google+,How To,Social Networking

change google plus circle name

Google Plus circles are the best way to organize the list of people you follow or are friend with. It is one of the major feature of Google Plus which differentiate it from Facebook and Twitter. You can add one to more than one circle and can create as many circles as you want. You can also share post only with one circle or multiple circles too. While creating a new circle, Google Plus asks to enter a new name for circle which sometimes people create with any logical name and add people to it. But once they have many people in their circle, then they have to organize the people and might also have to rename their Google Plus circles.

Renaming Circles in Google Plus

To rename circle in Google Plus , click on the circle icon in the top bar of Google Plus. Next click on the Circle name which you would like to rename.

Once you click on the circle name , all the people that you have added to the circle will be shown on the top bar and the circle will remain in the lower half of the screen. On the Circle Name you will have 2 options i.e. either to “Edit” or “Delete” you circle. By clicking on Edit you can rename the Circle as well as add a description to the circle.

For e.g. I have a circle called “Google Team” and I have added popular Google+ team members to this circle. Edit link on the circle allows me to change the name of the circle and add a description to it.

Google Team

You can give whatever name you like to your Google Plus circle, as these circle will always be private to you and no one else can see to what circles they have been added.

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