Google Plus Tips : Use feeds to automate post from Google Plus to Facebook

Posted by Prashant on July 27, 2011 in Featured,Google,Google+,Social Networking

We love Google Plus so much that we always try to find Google Plus tips and tricks which can help our readers to utilize Google Plus efficiently. In the past few days we have posted about how to post from Google Plus to Facebook using +Agent G app. But +Agent G suffered deletion of its Google Plus Profile due to Google’s recent policy for Google Plus profile. We then posted tips on how to post from Google Plus to Facebook using Facebook’s mobile upload id(used for short messages). And now we are the first one to share with you, the way by which you can automate the posting of your Google Plus post on Facebook. To do this we will be first creating a feed for Google Plus Profile and then using RSS feed apps for Facebook will post on your Facebook profile.

Step 1 : Create a feed for your Google Plus Profile

Firstly we need to create a feed for your Google Plus Profile which can be done by using a service which converts stream into RSS Feeds. is a service which will convert your Google Plus Profile posts into feed. To create a feed you would need your Google Plus Profile id. This is the number which is mentioned in the address bar of your Google Profile eg. If your Google Plus profile link is then you just need to copy the number ‘107275373214129344656’ which is your profile id. Now you have to suffix this profile id at the end of to create your personal feed URL.

Google Plus Profile Id

Your personal feed URL would be similar to “”.
We have successfully created feed for your Google Plus Profile. You can also add this feed to any of your favorite feed reader.

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Step 2: Showing Google Plus Feeds on Facebook

Now that we have a feed link for your Google Plus Profile and task is now to show these feeds on Facebook Profile. To show these feeds on Facebook, we would need RSS feed apps for Facebook. There are many feed apps available for Facebook but after testing many of those, I have found RSS Graffiti  to be the best. Go to this app and add this to your profile.  After adding this you would need to configure RSS Graffiti with your Google Plus Feed URL that we created in Step1.

Settings for RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti Feed Settings

After you have entered the settings just hit save and you’re done. Now whenever you’ll post publicly on your Google Plus Profile, after few minutes those posts from Google Plus stream will appear on your Facebook Profile.

Step 3: Result on Facebook

Once you have configured all the settings , you can test by posting something on your Google Plus profile and share it publicly. Remember that feed can only be generated for your public posts.

Wall post on Facebook

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1 Toby August 1, 2011 at 5:03 am

Hey man, nice post.

Do you know how to send rss updates into google plus?

2 Prashant August 1, 2011 at 10:27 am

Hi Toby. As Google Plus is in beta phase which is invite only and is not yet public, so developers also have limited access to develop Google Plus Applications. Soon Google Plus will be public and within no time developer community will provide us with an answer to your question. Keep checking this place for Google Plus updates.

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