Google Plus Tips: Vanity URL services for Google Plus Profile

Posted by Prashant on August 1, 2011 in Google,Google+,Social Networking

So, now you have got the Google Plus Profile but while sharing it someone else you are not happy to see a lengthy URL including your 21 digit profile id and trying to figure out “How to get vanity URL for Google Plus?”. There are few websites which can help you to get a Vanity URL for your Google Plus profile id and also allows to choose a unique nickname for your Profile URL.

Your Google Plus URL will be converted from to Vanity_URL/nickname

We have told you that can get a short/vanity URL for your Google Plus but how and where to get it is again a question which we have answered for you. We have found and listed few good websites which can help you choose a short URL with nickname for your Google Plus profile.

Contestant #1 is the most famous service for creating vanity URL for Google Plus Profile. It’s one of the first to create such kind of URL shortening for Google Plus profiles.

Contestant #2

Similar to , also create vanity URL for your Google Plus profile. You just need to provide your profile id and a nick name and your vanity URL will be created.

Contestant #3 is younger than the above 2 services but has a unique feature of providing stats related to your Google Profile. In graphical format it will show the traffic overview of your profile including the referrer of the source to your profile. To gather the stats, it will need access to your Google profile by logging using Google account and then authenticating


Contestant #4

Another simple service for Google Plus vanity URL.

Contestant # 5
You can also try and to get customized URL for your Google Plus profile. Within few weeks of beta launch of Google Plus so many services have popped up on web and once Google Plus is launched publicly with more access to developers then we can see more features added to these services. Keep watching this space for more updates on Google Plus related updates. Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our RSS feeds for regular updates.

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