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Google Rolls Out +1 Extension for Chrome

Google Rolls Out +1 Extension for Chrome

Posted by Mayank on August 31, 2011 in Google

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Google has rolled out the +1 extension for Chrome, making it wonderfully easy to +1 any website, any webpage, or literally anywhere you go on the web. Now you no longer have to rely on a site to implement the +1 Button, you can invoke the functionality through your chrome browser.

As of now the +1 button is available only as a Chrome extension, but is likely to be rolled out to Firefox, IE and Safari soon. Once you install this extension from the Chrome store (you can get it here), you will notice a +1 button at the top right corner like the one shown below. Whenever you visit any webpage or website, it will show you have many +1 the site has received and you will have the option to do +1 or remove +1.

chrome +1 extension


As anticipated, +1 is supposed to acquire a larger role in the search results and even advertisements served to you. We had given some hint on how Google +1 is going to affect SEO in our post : How Does Google Plus Affect SEO. If you see the disclosure of the extension, it is where it gets real interesting :
In addition to the practices described in the Google +1 Button Privacy Policy, by installing this extension, all of the pages and URLs you visit  will be sent to Google in order to retrieve +1 information. Examples of this information include whether you’ve previously +1’d the page and how many people have already +1’d the page. Google’s use of this information is described further in the following help center article (http://www.google.com/support/profiles/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1319578).

Yes, you read it correctly – all of the pages and URLs you visit will be sent to Google. This might get a little uncomfortable to many. It will probably feel like someone spying me every time. I was having double minds whether to apply this extension or not, but I did it anyway. Already Google has so much data and knows so much about us, I thought that be another one 🙂

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