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Google+ Tips: How to get Google+ Verified Account?

Google+ Tips: How to get Google+ Verified Account?

Posted by Prashant on August 20, 2011 in Featured,Google+,How To

Verified Google plus account

So Finally you’ve heard about the news of Google+ verified account and eagerly want to have a verification badge on your profile. If you have no idea what I am talking about just watch the video at the end of this post and then read this post.
Firstly I would like to inform that if you are not a celebrity or public figure , it’s going to be a little bit tough to get a Google+ Verified account. As announced by Google earlier that it will start verifying the accounts of celebrities & public figure the way Twitter did it. So if you go to the Google+ profile page of your favorite celebrity or any other public figure , you would see a verified badge next to their name. I took screenshot to show you how it looks like.

profile images of guy and larry


How to get a verified Google+ Account?

So the point is that you’re not a celebrity and want to have a verified badge next to your name too. Google+ team while launching this feature stated that currently these badges will be shown for selected few but in future more people will be included in it. We will discuss how you can be first among those selected people who will be included in this list.

Step1: Create a Google+ Profile

I assume that you already have a Google+ account. If not than ask any of your friends to invite you or you can get a free Google+ invite here. After joining Google+ make sure that your profile is complete and you have updated information correctly.

Step2: Don’t mess with your Profile mask

Google+ team has already started to delete any profile name which doesn’t match with their real name and business are currently not allowed to create profile pages. So make sure your profile actually shows who you really are. Check out how to change your display name.

Step3: Invite friends on Google+ & expand your circles

More friends you invite on Google+ , more people will add you to their circle. After verifying celebrities and public figures, Google+ will verify those users who have been added by large number of people. So if you have good friend list on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Linkedin or Twitter , send invite link to them and ask them to add you to their circles on Google+.

Step4: Post publiclypost publicly

We are not asking you to make every post as public but your profile shouldn’t be blank for a public user who visits your profile. Sharing with more people might get you more followers as people who liked you posts or share same interest as yours will add you to their circles. +Guy Kawasaki, Co-Founder of Alltop who has a verified Google+ account told me in one of the webinars that till date he has posted only 5 private posts and rest all are public posts. He has a fan following of more than 50k and constantly increasing.

Step5: Follow more people

I told you that you need to have good number of followers to get a verified account but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow others. Following people of similar interest or those who post cool stuff you knows what it takes to be a good influencer and can also communicate with them & other like minded people. We’ve compiled a list of Top Google employees whom you should follow on Google+. Check the list here.

Step6: Engage Activelyengage

Google+ is all about being active and engage your circles. Make sure that you post often so that your friends and followers know that you are still there. Make sure you respond to every mention of your name. If you’re already a celebrity we know it will be tough for you to respond to every mention but still try to reply to as many as you can.

So go ahead and start implementing these above steps and build a huge friends and followers base on Google+ and we wish soon you’ll have your own Google+ verified account. But first don’t forget to visit my profile on Google+ and add me & +Apurva Tripathi to your circles on Google+ for similar Google+ tips and other amazing stuff. 

Below is the video from Google+ team about launch of Google+ verified account.

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