Google has changed its home page [Update]

Posted by Prashant on September 16, 2011 in Google

Google team is nowadays actively changing the look of its major services. Today Google blended the look of Gmail, Google Analytics, Reader and other services to match with Google Plus. Not many people might have noticed as there was no official announcement but Google recently did few changes on its search engine page.

Changes done on Google’s Home Page

 Icons removed

Google has removed the icons for different search options which used to appear besides the left bar on Google results page. Earlier Google Search options for Everything, Images, Maps, Videos, News, Shopping and More used to have an icon associated with it. But now¬† you won’t see those icons anymore.

Search Tab added

Just below the Search bar, Google shows the count of results found for a particular query. Now Google has included this total count of search results to appear in a separate “Search” tab. This tab appears just above other Search options on the left hand side of Google results page.

Google’s Search Engine look BEFORE changes

google search with reading level

Google’s Search Engine look AFTER changes

google's new look

These changes are part of Google’s strategy to improve its services and to keep only the best services as Google result announced retiring of few of its services which were not performing well.

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