Hackers Stealing Money from your iTunes Account?

Posted by Mayank on February 12, 2012 in iTunes

CultofMac reported that hackers have once again turned to cracking iTunes account to steal your store credit and gift cards. They’re making use of your credit and gift cards to make purchases and leave you with the bill.

Apple’s Support Communities has incidents reported by over 1100 people, wherein people did not recognize the purchase they’ve made in the recent last few days. Apple is reportedly looking into the issue, and is taking the right steps. They’re making amends by restoring the credit. Though several have also reported that Apple has been communicating that their refund is a “one-time exception to our sales policy.”

There have also been reports that many of these hackers are hacking into your account to boost ratings of their apps by leaving positive ratings and comments. The report points to an incident two years ago, when Thuat Nguyen of Vietnam hacked into over 400 accounts to boost his App Store sales and ratings.

Despite allegations that the company may be disinterested in the issue, an Apple spokesman confirmed that it “takes precautions to safeguard your personal information against loss, theft and misuse.” However, at the same time, it is your responsibility as well to keep your account safe. Learn how to open a iTunes account without a credit card.

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