How to Add an Application to the Dock

Posted by Mayank on September 15, 2011 in Mac

Most of Mac users enjoy the convenience of Dock. Most of the important and default applications are present in the Dock. Hence, in order to open an application, you don’t have to go to Applications folder, you can just open it from the Dock.

You have the option of making the Dock even more useful by adding or removing an application from the Dock. And going just by the way Mac is – it is very easy to add an application to the Dock. There are 2 easy ways to add an application to the Dock.

1. Open the Application you want to add to the Dock and double tap or right click the application icon in the Dock. Then go to Options -> Keep in Dock. Once you do this, the application will always remain in Dock even when you quit the application. Here in the example below, I’m adding Evernote to the Dock.

add an application to the Dock

2. Open the Applications folder, grab Application and drag it to the Dock. The Application will now remain in the Dock itself. Next time you want to use the Application, just click its icon in the Dock.

add an application to the dock


Enjoy the convenience and be more productive 🙂

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