How to Add Artwork to iTunes

Posted by Mayank on July 30, 2011 in iTunes

add artwork to itunesI guess you will agree that album artwork helps enjoy songs even more.

Songs bought from the iTunes Music Store typically include an image of the album cover art or a photo of the artist. Unfortunately, you don’t get free artwork when you rip an audio CD — the discs aren’t manufactured with digital cover art stashed somewhere on an empty track. So, songs without artwork look something like this image.

You have the option of using your own image or artwork. iTunes supports the following graphic formats — JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, or Photoshop. (Most graphics on the Web are in JPEG or GIF format, so you don’t have to convert anything.)


How to Add Artwork to iTunes

Let’s figure out how to add album artwork to iTunes. First thing you need to do is get image of that particular album or artist. You can either scan the image of your CD cover or you can do it the easy way. Search for the particular album or artist in and select the one, which suits you most and save it to your desktop.

Steps to Add Album Artwork to iTunes

1. Select the album in your iTunes library.

2. Choose sile or song, right click and click Get Info or press Command-I (Mac) or Ctrl-I (PC).

3. Navigate to the Artwork tab

4. Click Add and chose the image you saved on your desktop.

5. Click OK to make the change.

how to add album artwork to iTunes

iTunes adds the artwork for the entire album.

how to add artwork to itunes

 Sync your Music library and you’ll be able to see the song or album with the artwork.

itunes artwork

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