How To Add ‘Download as eBook’ Option To Your Website?

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Few days ago, we explained to our readers how to download any webpage as ebook using dotepub bookmarklet. Second article in this series explains usage of dotepub widget which Website owners can install on their website to allow their readers to download website’s articles as an ebook. Having ‘Download as ebook’ option on your website, makes it website more user friendly as it give your readers an option to download your articles and then read them on their favorite ebook readers. This will allow them to read your content offline too.


Step1: Go to Widget Page for dotepub and Design your Widget

First step is to design the widget that you want to appear on your website or blog. dotepub’s Widget page allows you to choose between 3 options

  • Button Widget
  • Icon Widget
  • Text Widget

Both Button and Icon Widget are available in different sizes but all have same green color. If that doesn’t match with your Website’s theme, you can consider ‘Text’ Widget too. No matter what design you choose for the widget, all of these will work in the same way.

Step2: Choosing Immersive Mode for your Widget

You also need to make a choice whether you want to enable Immersive Mode or not. When Immersive mode is on (default), any image or link on your webpage will not be downloaded as part of ebook.

  • Enable Immersive Mode download

Immersive Mode is ON by default.

Code for Button Widget with Immersive Mode ON.

<script type="text/javascript" src=";links=1&amp;img=3"></script>

 Note: You can copy above code and past it on your website wherever you want the button to appear.

  • Disable Immersive Mode for ebook download

Simply Uncheck ‘Immersive mode’, if you want to allow users to download images and links on your blog post as part of ebook.

Code for Button Widget with Immersive Mode OFF


<script type="text/javascript" src=";links=1&amp;img=2"></script>

 Note: You can copy above code and paste it on your website wherever you want the button to appear.

You can also disable Immersive Mode by changing the value of link parameter in the code from 0 to 1.

mode: 0 = immersive mode; 1 = keep links, some images


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Step3: Get the Embed Code for your Website

After finishing the designing part of your ebook widget, you can go ahead and copy the code from the widget page. This code can be simply embedded on your webpage where you want this widget to appear.
To download this article as an ebook, click any of the 3 buttons below
 Click this button

Step4: Advanced Configuration for ebook Widget

Advanced options allows you to completely customize the widget as per your choice. You can change the language used in ebook and design the widget to match with blog’s current design. Below options are available to an advanced user

  • Customize layout of the Widget
  • Set the ebook Title
  • Set the ebook Author name
  • Show a copyright notice
  • Change the content of e-book
  • Remove content from the e-book


dotepub also provides API for the developers who want to utilize the features of dotepub to the full extent.

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