How to Add Price to a Pin on Pinterest

Posted by Prashant on August 13, 2012 in Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to create boards by pinning stuff that interests you and then share it with others. Users and brands not only share great things but they also use Pinterest to sell their stuff.

Retail Brand follow this strategy to pin products on their boards with a price tag. Any user who wish to buy that product, can click on the pin and it will take them to the merchant site where they can do the purchases.

Though it may sound a little tricky to add Price to a pin but infact it’s very simple. Simply follow the below Steps.

Lets say you found a gadget on one of the website and now you want to pin it with a price tag so that someone who likes the product, may see the price and buy it.

1. Adding Price Tag to a New Pin : When you add a new pin either using ‘Pin It’ bookmarklet or using ‘Add Pin’ button,  you are required to enter a small description of the pinned object. It is now that you can add price to that pin. To add a price to the pin, simply use Dollar ($) or Pound (£) sign with a price. e.g. $10. Now you will see the price tag on the pinned image.


2. Adding Price Tag to an Existing Pin : Simply click on ‘Edit‘ button on the existing Pin and then type the price in the description field. Go ahead and save the pin.

Make sure you use the symbol for dollar and Pound otherwise Price tag won’t appear on the pin. Pins with Price tags are automatically moved to ‘Gift’ section on the Pinterest Home Page. You can follow Survival Guide on Follow Me on Pinterest for great stuff that we share.

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