How to Allow People to Follow you in Facebook

Posted by Mayank on September 14, 2011 in Facebook

Facebook today has incorporated another feature from Google+. This feature is named Subscriptions. Subscriptions is similar to Google Plus feature “Follow”, where you can get public feeds from a person who is not your friend or not in your circle.

In Google Plus, you have the option to follow anyone and you automatically get subscription of their feeds of their public posts. Facebook has done the same – you now have the option to find anyone in Facebook and subscribe to their public posts. At the same time, others do not automatically get to see your public posts unless you allow people to subscribe to you.

How to Allow People to Follow you in Facebook

When you logon to Facebook, you will notice an option at the top of Facebook page to allow people to follow you in Facebook. This option (as shown below in the picture) is “Want Subscribers of Your Own?” When you click Allow Subscribers, your profile gets enabled to allow others to subscribe you.

allow subscribers facebook

After allowing Subscribers,you get another popup to edit subscriber options. As per your comfort level, you can change or let remain the same or default settings. You can allow anyone to comment on your public updates or you can let it remain off (off is the default). However, to allow interaction, you’ll have to make it ON. Also, you have the option to manage the Notifications about these new subscribers.


Again, if at a later point of time, you realize that you are not comfortable with any setting, you can go to your account settings and change or update it.

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