How to Change Samsung Galaxy S III Wallpaper

Posted by Mayank on December 9, 2012 in Android

Samsung Galaxy S III lets you customize your home screen and lock screen with either the default pictures which come with the Samsung Galaxy S3 device or the pictures you’ve taken using your Samsung Galaxy S 3 camera.

Changing Samsung Galaxy S III wallpaper is easy. You have the option to change just one or both the home screen and lock screen. Just follow the following easy steps:

1. Go to Applications -> Settings

2. Select Display and then tap Screen Display

3. You get the option to tap either Home Screen Wallpaper or Lock Screen Wallpaper.

4. Select Gallery or Live Wallpapers or Wallpaper Gallery and choose an image, which you’d like to set as your home screen or lock screen.

5. In case of images in Gallery, you also get the option to resize and use it.

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