How to Control your Laptop using Iphone

Posted by Prashant on September 26, 2011 in Apple,How To,iPhone,Mac

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Consider you are giving a presentation in office or watching movie on your laptop, having a remote controller for laptop do makes life easy at times and when you get a remote controller to control your PC from your Iphone, it makes things very simple. Lets see how can you control your laptop using Iphone.

Download Logitech Touch Mouse for Iphone

“Touch Mouse” app for Iphone is free and is available in Iphone App store.  Download and install the app on your Iphone.

Download Logitech Touch Mouse Server for Operating System

For Touch Mouse app to work  on Iphone, you need to download and install the Touch Mouse Server for your Operating System. You can download the server from here. Touch Mouse Server is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS. After downloading install server on your laptop.

How to use Touch Mouse Client on Iphone

Once you have installed the server for Touch Mouse on your laptop, open the Touch Mouse app in your Iphone. As soon as app will open it will start searching for the server to connect and will show you the name of the laptop on which Touch Mouse Server is installed. Clicking on the server name will show a screen with 3 button on top i.e Left, Center, Right and a blank touch pad on rest of your Iphone screen with virtual keyboard at the bottom.

  • Left: Works similar to Left click
  • Center: Can be used for scrolling
  • Right : Works similar to Right Click
searching for computer

Connecting to Touch Mouse Server

controller screen

Iphone Touchpad to Control Laptop












Now you can easily remote control your laptop using the touch pad on your Iphone screen. This touchpad also has a virtual keyboard which  shows the typed word on your Iphone screen. Whenever you want to disconnect the app from the server , just come out of the app by pressing Home button.

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