How to Copy PS3 Games

Posted by Mayank on January 10, 2012 in How To

PS 3 games are great without any slightest of doubt. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money collecting games and I love to look at my collection. I often allow my kid to play the PS3 and he has learned to change game disks as per his choice. Though I’m happy with his learning curve, however, I’m always worried that my kid will cause scratches on the games disk or break etc. I want to keep the games in the best possible condition, but, at the same time I’m aware that it is not entirely possible.

I started looking at options to copy the PS3 games and save them somewhere so that I can have a copy in the event my worst nightmare comes true. I found that it is possible to copy PS3 games and save them elsewhere. Let me elaborate on how to copy PS3 games.

How to Copy PS3 Games

There are primarily 2 ways to copy PS3 games.

First one is by using Modchip. Using Modchip is the traditional way to create game backups by circumventing the security measures that prevent you from making copies of the games. The negative aspect is that modchip modifiles the console and BIOS of your computer in order to make you the copy of the PS3 game. However, it is not something we recommend because of it’s obvious negative aspects.

Second option to copy PS3 games is by using a specialized software. I prefer this option because I find it convenient (no console modifications are needed).

What is this Specialized Software to Copy PS3 Games?

The specialized software I use is Game Copy Wizard. Game Copy Wizard lets you create copy of PS3 games and even copies of Xbox, Wii and PS2 games. Here’s quick details of how I use this software to create backups of PS3 games:

1. Download the software program that can copy PS3 games.

2. Place the original PS3 game that you want to copy in the DVD drive.

3. This software progam guides you to save a copy of that game on the hard drive of your computer.

4. Take out the original PS3 game disk and replace it with an empty DVD.

5. Burn the backup files in your hard drive to the empty DVD**.

** Note – you will need a computer with DVD writer

Here are a few screenshots to guide you through how a PS3 game copy is made.

1. Insert PS3 game in the DVD player of your computer

2. Choose the destination folder to create a backup of PS3 game.

3. Insert DVD in the DVD player and burn the PS3 game copy to the DVD.

Game Copy Wizard has been around for a while and is legal to use for personal purpose. After using this software, I create copies of all my favorite and costly games. Now I’m worry free 🙂

If you want to have a look at Game Copy Wizard features and read testimonials – click here

Let me know your experience with Game Copy Wizard or any other software you used for the purpose.

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