How to Create and Send Encrypted Messages for Free

Posted by Prashant on June 5, 2012 in How To,Website

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Recently we shared with you the way to send self destructing messages. Now let’s see how we can send encrypted messages. There are many tools available in the market which allows you to encrypt your messages and then send it across to someone who will then use same tool to decrypt the software. Here is a easiest way to quickly encrypt and decrypt the message online without need of installing any software.

If you want to send a secret letter to your girl friend which you don’t want someone from her family to read accidentally, then you may want to encrypt the message and send it. In that case, even if someone will see the message, he/she won’t be able to understand it.

InfoEncrypt is an online service using which you can encrypt your message and send the encrypted format to someone. This online service will need you to enter the message and then choose a password. This password will be used to encrypt your original message and once you hit ‘Encrypt’ button, your message written in plain English will get converted into a scrambled code of alphabets and numbers.

Now copy and paste this encrypted message in an email and send it across to your friend. You need to provide the password as well which you may send separately or may decide and keep same for all your conversation. Now recipient of message, needs to go to InfoEncrypt and then paste the scrambled code, enter password and hit ‘Decrypt’ and its done.

This way you can send and receive encrypted messages without ever installing any software and totally free.

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