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Posted by Prashant on April 16, 2012 in Facebook

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Facebook recently introduced new featured known as ‘Interest List’ using which you can create list of content that you like on Facebook. You can create your own list or can subscribe to other people’s list. Facebook also recommends Interest List based on your area of interest and these featured list will show the best content from the pages/people added in that list.

Here you will see how to subscribe to Interest List created by others and how to create your own Interest List.

How to Subscribe to Interest List by Others

In the Left hand side of your News Feed, you will see a section called ‘Interests’. If not, then you can directly go to Add Interest List Page. On this page, you will see a list of Interest List recommendation by Facebook categorized by interests like Art, Books, Business, Causes, Entertainment, Food etc.

Under each category you will find the featured list with the details like ‘Name of the List’ ‘No. of pages/people added to the interest list’ , ‘Number of Current Subscribers to the Interest List’, ‘Name of Person who created the Interest List’.

If you want to subscribe to a particular list, just click on ‘Subscribe‘ button next to the list name. Now next time onwards, you will see the best posts from that particular Interest List in your Facebook Main news Feed. You can also access your Interest Lists anytime, under Interests section in Left column of your home page.

How to create your own Interest List

Step1 : Create New Interest List

On AddList page, click on ‘Create List’

Step2: Select Content for your List

Next step is to select the Pages/People from whom you want the content in your new Interest List. You can choose from your own Page Likes, Friend List or Current Subscriptions or you can also select any of the existing categories and then select People/Pages from that.

To add someone to this list, just click on the Image of that Page/Person. Your current selection will be shown the bottom of the column. You can click on it to review your current selection.

Once you are done with your Selection, click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Choose a Name and Select Visibility

In this Final Step, you need to give a new name to your Interest List , for e.g. News in this case. After giving a new name you need to select the visibility of the this Interest List. There are 3 options to choose from

a. Public : Everyone can see this list and subscribe to it.

b. Friends: You Friends can see this List and subscribe to it.

c. Only Me: List remains Private and only you can see it.

Select whichever is applicable to you.

Right Hand Column will also show the list of members of the current list. If you decide to change any of these, click ‘Previous’ and make required changes. Once you are done with your selection of Name and Visibility Type, click ‘Done’. Your New Interest is now created and will appear in left hand column under ‘Interests’ Section.

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