How to Create Mobile Version of Website

Posted by Mayank on July 6, 2011 in Featured,Website

With the advent of smart phones, a lot of internet work has shifted to mobile phones. As you might have have noticed that most of the big websites have their own iPhone or Android apps. These apps help improve the user experience when visiting the website via mobile phone. However, it does take money to get a iPhone or Android app for your website. If you’re short of money, does it mean that you should lag behind ? No, not yet ! That is what we’re here for. You can create a mobile version of your website without spending a single dime !

This post is for WordPress users who would like to know how to create mobile version of website.  Follow the procedure explained below :

1. Upload a plugin, wptouch :


2. Install and activate the plugin.

3. Your site will now has a nice theme that works great on smartphones and other mobile devices, but will still show your own normal theme to visitors using computers.

4. WPtouch works fine on almost all mobile phones without any change in settings. However, if you’d still like to make changes, you need to go to Settings -> WPtouch

wptouch settings

5. You can even enable Google Analytics and Google Adsense with WPtouch.


wptouch settings

Below is the mobile version of This way it looks just like you want, on PCs and mobile devices.

mobile version of website

Iphone Users can also add the icon for the website on their home screen by touching forward button (3rd button on bottom bar as shown in above pic) and then choosing “Add to Home Screen Option” as shown below.

Once you click this button, it will ask you to enter a name for the icon and hitting done iphone icon for websitewill add the icon to your Iphone home screen.

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