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How to create twitter follow button to get more twitter followers

How to create twitter follow button to get more twitter followers

Posted by Diya on June 8, 2011 in How To,Social Networking

twitter follow me

To build your own social network, share buttons for websites like twitter ‘follow me‘ button paves a path to get more twitter followers for free. Here is a complete guide which can help you create and customize twitter follow buttons.

Twitter says that user interaction flow for the Follow Button was designed to be as streamlined as possible and easy to use for developers, website owners and users. There are 2 simple Follow button flows, depends on the user’s current state. When anyone who is signed in to twitter.com click the follow button, the user will instantly be following the target user. If user is not signed in , an intent box will be opened that will prompt user to sign in to twitter.com.

Create follow button for your website
Go to http://twitter.com/about/resources
In the resources you have options to create social sharing buttons like “Follow button” , “Tweet button”, “Widgets” and “Twitter logos & icons”. To create a follow button , click either on image with follow button or click ‘Create follow button’. On the Follow Button page enter the details as applicable.

create twitter follow button

Enter the user name for which you want to create a follow button. eg. ‘sguide4idiots. As soon as you enter the username , a preview of button will appear on the right hand side of the screen and below it will be the HTML code which can used on your website/blog.

Before you go ahead and copy the code , lets try to customize this button as per our requirement. There are 2 color options of ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ for follow button. By default ‘Light’ is chosen. Select ‘Dark’ to get a dark colored follow button. You can also opt to show your follower count with the ‘Follow button’. Currently this twitter button can be shown in 10 different languages and we expect twitter to provide more language options in future.
Once you are done customizing the button to look best on your website, go ahead and copy the html code and you are ready to use it on your website.

Advanced Customization for twitter button
Twitter also allows developers to configure the follow button behavior and display. Below are few configurable options for javascript code of twitter button.
User to follow                              (in the anchor URL)
Followers count display – data-show-count
Button color data-button
Text color – data-text-color
Link colordata-link-color
Language – data-lang
Width – data-width
Alignment – data-align

Below are few examples:



If you like this article follow us on twitter using Follow button. Learn how to find out who is unfollowing you.

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