Google Plus Tips : How to Delete Your +1 Recommendation ?

Posted by Mayank on August 6, 2011 in Google,Google+

It is possible to withdraw a +1 recommendation if you think you made it by mistake or you don’t think you should be recommending a particular webpage or product any longer. When a web page or a product gets a lot of +1 recommendations, it gives hint to readers that the content or product is reliable and liked by readers.

Deleting +1 recommendation has been made easier by the launch of Google Plus. There are many other ways to delete your +1 recommendation, but in this post we will cover the easiest way to delete your +1 recommendation. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you are all set:

1. Logon to your Google Plus profile.

2. Below your name you will find +1’s


3. Click on +1’s and it will list your recent +1s

4. If you would like to delete your +1 recommendation, just click the X button at the right. If you happen to delete a +1 by mistake, you have the option to undo your last action.

delete your +1

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