How to Disable and Enable Bing Wallpaper

Posted by Prashant on September 17, 2012 in How To

Google’s Search Home Page is very simple and that’s how most of us like it. Yes we enjoy the Google Doodle but whenever Google tries to show any other extra stuff we tend to dislike it.

If you by chance try Bing Search (just saying!) , then you would notice that Bing has a Wallpaper image on its Search Home Page which is updated daily. For those who like these Bing wallpapers, Microsoft even provides a tool to download those images daily and set as your Windows 7 Desktop Background. Windows XP users can download Free Bing Wallpapers here.



Disable Bing Wallpaper
To Disable Daily Bing Wallpaper, Go to the ‘Give me the plain background image‘ or simple change the ‘rb’ value in URL from ‘1’ to ‘0’

disable Bing wallpaper
Enable Bing Wallpaper
If you wish to Enable Bing Wallpaper, Go to ‘Show me the daily images‘ or
Change the ‘rb’ value in the URL from ‘0’ to ‘1’

disable Bing wallpaper

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