How to do Permanent Unlock For AT&T iPhones

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Quest to unlock an iPhone has been there since the iPhones came to the market. Since then it has been an interesting duel between Apple and hackers – every new iOS upgrade makes unlocking an iPhone harder and at the same time many hackers like the iPhone Dev-Team spare no thought and time to come up with a new jailbreak and unlock solution. So, far it has been a damn interesting duel and it promises to be the same.

Apart from the jailbreak and unlock solutions, there have been a few hardware unlocks solutions also available. One of the popular ones is  GEVEY SIM. Such “SIM interposer” solutions indeed work (for a price), but software updates can swiftly lodge a spanner in the works. Neither the software-based or hardware-based unlock solutions we’re already familiar with offer what one might call a “permanent” unlock solution – one that could withstand future iOS updates diligently and fearlessly.

Though many thought such an unlock solution might be impossible to develop, Apple N Berry is advertising such a product.What’s more, the unlock solution promises to support all AT&T iPhone models.

Here’s how Apple N Berry describes its “AT&T iPhone IMEI Unlock,” as listed over at the product’s webpage:

Apple N Berry has announced a new AT&T iPhone IMEI unlock solution.

Apple N Berry, LLC now offers a permanent iPhone IMEI unlock solution for all AT&T iPhone models. Just enter the Serial Number and IMEI from an AT&T iPhone running any iOS with any baseband.

● Permanent Unlock
● No Turbo SIM Needed
● No Jailbreak Required
● No iOS or Baseband Restrictions
● Increases Resale Value
● Use Any GSM Network in the World
● Guaranteed Unlock or your Money Back

The unlock is said to take from 1 to 2 business days. You’ll be notified by email once it’s been handled. “All you’ll need to do then is sync your iPhone to iTunes and you’ll see your unlock screen.”

The fee for this unlock is $150. Previous, Apple N Berry customers can get $50 off and can refer friends at $30 off.

The best part of this unlock solution by Apple N Berry is that it makes the iPhone’s current baseband irrelevant. Every solution till now had a pre-requisite that it worked with certain basebands – not this one! All Apple N Berry asks for is an AT&T iPhone handset: If your smartphone is locked to this original iPhone carrier, this solution promises to have your handset unlocked in as little as one business day. And after, you’ll be able to use your iPhone like you would an official, unlocked, SIM-free handset bought direct from Apple.

At $150, the product is expensive, and also, this solution has not been verified. Apple N Berry does, we must acknowledge, have a good reputation when it comes to its unlock products. But nobody – that includes us, and the other websites we’ve seen write about this product – has yet independently verified Apple N Berry’s IMEI Unlock. So do proceed with caution.

Also, you might be aware that AT&T will actually unlock your carrier-locked iPhone handset for you, if you’re off contract.

Source: Apple N Berry via iClarified

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Most time when phones are unlock, after working for some period of time, they develop some sort of fault or something. Thanks for sharing this.

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