How to download all your facebook data?

Posted by Prashant on June 18, 2011 in Facebook,Featured,Social Networking

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We all love to share our thoughts, our ideas and our special moments with our friends and family on facebook. We keep on uploading data this social networking site and after few years our facebook profile would have a huge amount of data. But do we really own that data? Answer is NO.  This data is located on facebook servers and you can only access it when you are logged into facebook.  Imagine you have all this data on your laptop and can access it offline and share with family/friends who don’t have facebook account. Below I have explained how to download all your facebook data to your laptop/desktop.

Not many people are aware about the facebook downloader which can download all your facebook data onto your local hard drive. Here are few simple steps that you can follow to have your data with you even when you are not logged into facebook.

Go to “Account Settings” on the upper right corner under drop down box “Account”. Under the Settings tab you will find “Download you Information” as shown below.

download your info

Click on “learn more” button next to Download Your Information.

Facebook will show you a message telling you that you are about to download your personal data which includes your photos, videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content that you have shared on your profile.

facebook warning

Click the download button. Hit Download again when asked for confirmation. Facebook will show the message “You will receive an email when your data is ready to be downloaded” and “Download” button will now change to “Pending” as shown below.

download pending

Before allowing you to download the data, FB will send an email to your primary email account which is mentioned in your profile and you will be asked to enter your password again. If you happen to use a public computer to access facebook, you may be asked to solve a captcha or a SMS captcha via your mobile phone. I received the email after an hour which contained the link for download.

Click on the link which is sent in this email which will take you to facebook download page. You would need to verify your identity by entering your facebook password again.

Click Download Now to download the zip file containing all your facebook data. All of your data will be downloaded to your local drive but there isn’t any option to download selected data i.e. you can’t download only your photo album or your wall posts. Everything related to you profile will be downloaded as a bundle in a zip file. My download file was only 10 MB in size and its size primarily depends on photos/videos that you have uploaded on facebook. After unzipping the file, open index.html to access facebook offline.

Once download is finished, downloaded data can be accessed in a very simple browseable manner. Open index.html and you will find tabs for Profile, Wall, Photos, Friends and Messsages. You will be able to view all your wall posts and comments on a single page, list of all your friends and your messages too.


Below are few of the drawbacks that I noticed in Facebook ‘s data downloader

Friends tab: It contains only the names of friends. Contact and other info of friends is not downloaded.

Messages tab: It will show all your messages which were till now part of private converstation on facebook.

No Facebook like look: Although you will get all your data on your local hardrive but when you will access index.html, you’ll not see any look similar to facebook. It’s just a simple html webpage showing all your details.

No data from your friends: It will only download your wall posts and comments on those. It will not download the comments or likes that you have done on your friend’s wall or album.

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