How to Effectively Use the Notifications Center in iOS 5

Posted by Mayank on November 11, 2011 in Apple,iPad,iPhone

If you upgraded your iPhone or iPad or iPod to iOS 5 and did not start using the Notification Center yet – let me tell you that you have been missing one of the great features of iOS 5. Notifications Center is an awesome feature that keeps all your alerts in a handy little pull-down panel at the top of the screen. To effectively use the Notifications Center in iOS 5, you need to configure Notifications Center as per your needs and it will take at max 15 minutes of your time. So, lets get started.

Go to Settings -> Notifications

You will see the option to sort apps manually or by time. If you sort by Time, the apps with the most recent alerts appear at the top of Notifications Center. If you choose Manual sort instead, you determine (still in the Settings app) the order in which apps will appear.

In the Notifications settings page tap any one of the listed apps. The screenshot below shows the settings you’ll see for the majority of apps. This is where you set the notifications for that app. Choose None if you don’t care to be notified at all. If you choose Banner it will show a little unobtrusive banner at the top of the screen and store the notification in the notifications panel. If you choose Alert, the app will use the old style of alerts and show a popup message every time the app wants to get your attention.

iOS 5 Notification Center Settings

Default for the number of notifications for an app is 5 but you can chose anywhere between 0 and 10 for a particular app.

You have to rinse and repeat these steps for each and every app you want to set Notifications. Don’t bother much as there won’t be many apps for which you need to set notifications. Also, once you’ve done a few settings, you’ll notice that Apple does a good job of keeping your preferences preloaded in the Notification settings of new apps.

You can also set whether to Badge App Icon, Show Preview, Repeat Alerts and View in Lock Screen.

Badge App Icon is the iPhone old style notification wherein a small red circle indicating the number of new notifications show up at the top right corner of the app.

Show Preview lets you indicate whether the notifications will be previewed and Repeat Alerts lets you specify the number of times your iOS 5 device will prompt you before you finally take action on a notification alert. It could either be Never, Once, Twice, Thrice, 5 Times, or 10 times. View in Lock Screen gives you an option to view the notification when your device is locked or not.

Let us know your favorite Notification Settings

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