How to Find Out if Someone is Using your Wi-Fi

Posted by Mayank on October 25, 2012 in How To

Wi-Fi routers have made our life so much simpler. No need to have your computers and other devices connected through a wire to your internet router. You can hook up all your devices to the wireless router and enjoy internet access.

Wi-Fi connections do have a drawback – if you have not secured your WiFi connection, it is possible that someone else may use it for their own purpose and stead your bandwidth. In some of the worst cases, if a person is tech savvy, he can hack your network or steal all your personal and sensitive information.

So, it is necessary to have a secured Wi-Fi connection. Also, you need to be vigilant enough to find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi.

How to Find Out if Someone is Using your Wi-Fi

You can find out if someone is using your Wi-Fi using the MAC addresses. Mac addresses or Media Access Control are unique codes that can identify networked devices. Different routers have different ways of showing which addresses and hence, in turn which devices are connected to your network.

If you have an AirPort router, launch AirPort utility from your Utilities folder, double click your router’s icon and click the advanced icon in the resulting window. Click Logging and Statistics -> Logs and Statistics.

In the Wireless Clients section, you will see a graph showing address of each device connecting to your network. This list will include the devices you own (including the AirPort router) and which connect to your Wireless router.

Now you will have to match the MAC addresses to your network devices. To find the MAC address of your device, you can find it in your system profile. Once, you identify all the unique MAC addresses – you can easily find out intruders in your system!

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