How to Find RSS Subscriber Count of a Website

Posted by Mayank on September 10, 2011 in How To

A blog’s popularity and authority can be judged by its subscriber base. Now-a-days, there are many ways to show it off like the Facebook Like count, +1s a website has received, Alexa rank, PageRank and RSS Subscribers Count.

Big and popular have a lot of followers/subscribers to boast and many of them show it off too. However, many websites are new, so, they have a much lesser subscriber base and also there are websites, which try to fake themselves as authority sites. Such websites do not show the subscriber count.

So, if you want to investigate a websites and want to find the RSS subscriber count of a website, you can follow the simple steps mentioned below :

Find RSS Subscriber Count of a Website :

  1. Find the sample address of the RSS Feed (you can get this from a blog’s subscribe option)
  2. For example, the feed address for Mashable is :
  3. Grab the feed-name and use the URL
  4. For example in the case of Mashable, it will be
  5. This URL will show you the real RSS subscribers count as shown below.

So, if anyone is faking by pasting a picture of incorrect RSS subscriber count, you have a method to verify the real number of subscribers a website has.

If you want to know more about RSS, please read our earlier post on The Ultimate Guide on RSS Feeds

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