How to Fix PlayStation Error Code 80010514

Posted by Mayank on August 7, 2011 in PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 Error Code 80010514 is a usual disk read error. It refers to a faulty sector on the internal PlayStation 3 hard drive or an external disk.

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code 80010514

In case of an external disk, you should check the disc for scratches, finger prints, dust or dirt etc. Try cleaning the external disk and you might be able to fix the PlayStation error code 80010514.

If it is not the external disk – it is most likely your PlayStation 3 hard drive. It can either be due to a faulty sector on the hard drive or it can also be caused by a faulty installation of software or firmware. If the error 80010514 shows up immediately after installation of a software or firmware, you can bet that the upgrade or installation has caused it.

playstation 3 80010514

Bad sectors happen when a particular sector of the disk gets damaged after something had been written there, thereby, making reading that particular sector impossible. There are quite a few prevention steps, which you can take to prevent PlayStation 3 error 80010514 :

1) Whenever doing an upgrade, ensure that your internet connection is stable.

2) Dust your machine regularly.

3) When installing firmware and/or software, make sure you follow the instructions.

ps3 fixIf nothing works, what do you do to fix PlayStation 3 80010514 error ?

You can try to format your PS3 unit and basically erase all the data on it and hopefully this will restore your system back to normal. If it doesn’t work, there isn’t much you can do except to send it to Sony for repair.

Formatting or sending it to Sony can be a costly affair. You can try the PS3 Repair kit and see if it helps. The PS3 Repair Kit is a hugely popular Do-It-Yourself kit for many of the known PS3 problems.

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