How to get HuluPlus subscription Free for 1 year

Posted by Prashant on April 4, 2012 in How To,Interestingness

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If you are a current HuluPlus subscriber you can get HuluPlus for upto 1 year. If you aren’t a Hulu Plus subscriber yet, then don’t worry just signup for 1 week free trial of HuluPlus and then follow the below instructions to enjoy latest TV shows and movies on HuluPlus, absolutely FREE for ONE year.

Ok. There isn’t catch in this nor I am telling you a secret.. It is the promotional offer by HuluPlus using which you can earn upto 1 year Free HuluPlus subscription. Wondering what you need to do..? Nothing much, just refer your friends to join Hulu Plus and both of you will get 2weeks free subscription.

HuluPlus allows you to refer 26 friends/relatives and hence 26 X 2 weeks Free = 52 Free Weeks = 1 Full year Free.. If you have whole bunch of friend who are interested in getting HuluPlus subscription, its a win-win situation for both of you.  You just need to follow the below instructions on how to send the referral link to your friends

1. Log into your HuluPlus account and then Go to Accounts > Referrals

2. Sharing via Facebook / Twitter

If you have already connected your Facebook or Twitter account with HuluPlus, you can directly share the referral link with your friends by just clicking the buttons for respective social networking website.

Note: You may use this link which will give you 2 weeks FREE subscription of HuluPlus.

3. Inviting friends to join HuluPlus via email

Hulu Plus can also send emails to your email contacts on Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Just click on the respective email service and connect your account. Alternatively you can also directly enter the email ids of your friends and invite them to join HuluPlus.

Remember, you just need 26 good friends to get 1 year FREE subscription of HuluPlus. So bring in more friends and enjoy your favorite TV shows together anytime on HuluPlus.

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