How to import Facebook Birthdays in Google Calendar and iCal

Posted by Prashant on October 4, 2011 in Facebook,How To,Mac

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Remember how bad you feel when you forget to give birthday wishes to a friend or family member because you didn’t log into Facebook for sometime. If you’re too busy with your work, you can import birthdays of your Facebook Friends easily in Microsoft Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar. So now whether you’re online on Facebook or working in Office, you will always know who is the next birthday boy or birthday girl.

Export Facebook Birthdays

Go to your Facebook Page and click on Event in the left hand menu and then click on ‘Birthdays‘ on the bottom of this page. Next page will show you the list of friends who have their birthdays in coming days. Scroll down this page and click ‘Export Birthdays‘ at the end of the page which will open a pop up window containing a unique URL.

This URL which would be similar to webcal:// will be required to export your Facebook Birthday list and import it into Google Calendar or iCal.

export birthdays1

Now copy this URL and remove the webcal:// and open rest of the URL(starting with www) in a web browser.  When asked save the ICS file on your desktop.

Import Facebook  Birthdays in iCal

Open iCal on your Mac and go to File > Import and then give the path of downloaded ICS file. Choose the calendar where you want to import these birthdays and you’re done. Now birthdays of your Facebook Friends will appear in your iCal.

Import Facebook Birthdays in Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar and in the left hand pane click on ‘Other Calendars‘ and then click Drop down button. In the newly opened menu, click on ‘Import Calendar‘.

google calendar

Now you will need to provide the path of downloaded ICS file and choose the calendar where you want to import birthdays of your Facebook Friends. Google Calendar might take a while to import your friends birthdays list and once its complete, you’ll see a similar message.

import successful

Now your Calendar will have entries of your Friends birthdays. Also if you want you can create a separate calendar especially for managing birthdays.

Using the same ICS file, birthdays of your Facebook friends can be imported in Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

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