How to Improve Kindle Battery

Posted by Mayank on April 14, 2012 in Kindle

Kindle has an incredible battery life. Battery usually lasts 1 – 3 months. Long battery life of Kindle is due to E-Ink display, which consumes battery at a miserly rate. However, there are times when the battery may drain quickly – usually due to wireless radio. when you’re in an area, which does not have wireless or 3G coverage, your Kindle will be continuously searching for wireless signal. This is a big battery drainer activity. In order to increase your Kindle Battery life, all you have to do is to turn off the wireless radio and conserve battery for

There isn’t a point in letting your Kindle search for wireless or 3G networks when there isn’t one nearby. For example, when you’re in a flight or away in the sea or ocean. Also,there couldn’t be anything easier than turn off wireless of your Kindle.

How to Turn Off Kindle Wireless

Go to Menu -> Select Turn Wireless Off

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