How to Install .deb file on iPhone

Posted by Diya on June 5, 2011 in Apple,iPhone

install deb files on iphone

First, what is a .deb file ?

.deb file is a Debian software package, which contains everything you need to install an application. You can install apps via .deb files if you jailbroke your iPhone. You can use either of SSH, Terminal, Cydia to install any .deb files.

Note : I assume that your iPhone has been jailbroken and you have SSH installed. If you need help installing SSH in iPhone, please read this article on

How to install .deb file on iPhone

Go to Cydia and install the following:

  1. Mobile Terminal
  2. OpenSSH.

Once you’re in Cydia touch “Search” and search for both of them.

SSH into your device as root by using WinSCP and upload the .deb (Debian software package) file to your device’s /var/mobile folder.

Now open the Mobile Terminal on your iPhone and do the following:

Type in “su” and press enter or return. You will be asked for the password, Type in “alpine” and press enter or return.

Now you should see a screen with something similar to this:

“Phone’sName-iPhone:/var/mobile root#”.

For example, in my case it was SJobsFan-iPhone:/var/mobile root# because my iPhone is named SjobsFan

Note: You may delete the .deb file after completing the installation.  

How to uninstall .deb files on iPhone

The easiest way to uninstall .deb files is via Cydia. In fact, the app is installed just like any app you normally download and install via Cydia. You therefore can also use Cydia to check for its updates too.

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