How to Link/Unlink Facebook & Twitter to Yahoo Mail

Posted by Prashant on October 3, 2011 in Facebook,How To,Twitter


You can link your Facebook and Twitter account with Yahoo Mail account and can receive updates from these networks, right within Yahoo Mail. Yahoo also allows users to update their status on Facebook and Twitter from Yahoo.

Link Facebook and Twitter to Yahoo

To link your Yahoo mail with Facebook and Twitter, Go to ‘Updates‘ tab in Yahoo mail and then on the left hand menu, click on ‘Add Facebook‘ or ‘Add Twitter‘ icons which are located under ‘Sources‘ section. Once you click on any of these options, it will ask you to log into your Facebook/Twitter accounts to authenticate itself. After authenticating Yahoo to access these services, your updates from Facebook and Twitter will start appearing under ‘Updates’ tab in Yahoo Mail.

link Facebook and Twitter

Update Facebook and Twitter from Yahoo

You can also update your Status on Facebook and Twitter directly from Yahoo by navigating to ‘Update‘ tab in Yahoo mail and typing status update in the status bar (as shown below) and by clicking the check box for the service where you want to post. Finally hit ‘Share‘ button to post status on selected services.

Update Facebook and Twitter from Yahoo

Unlink Facebook and Twitter from Yahoo

To Unlink your Facebook & Twitter accounts from Yahoo, go to ‘Update‘ tab again and then click on small gear icon just next to ‘Sources‘ section on left sidebar. It will redirect you to Yahoo Pulse where you would view you linked accounts. Now click on ‘Remove‘ next to the Facebook or Twitter to unlink those from Yahoo.

unlink Facebook & twitter

Note: Only one Yahoo account can be linked with your Facebook/Twitter account. If you try to connect Facebook/Twitter accounts from another Yahoo Mail account, you will get an error. I was able to un-link my Facebook account from 1st Yahoo account but still wasn’t able to connect it to 2nd Yahoo account. Weird!

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