How to Logout from Netflix on PS3

Posted by Prashant on March 23, 2012 in How To,PlayStation 3

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If you watch netflix on PS3 , I am sure you must be enjoying the great collection of movies available on Netflix. But what if you have to logout or disconnect from Netflix on your PS3. Try to find a logout button on Netflix screen and you wouldn’t find it, even if you press any damn button on your PS3 controller.

Here are the very less known steps to logout or deactivate your Netflix account on PS3.

1. Go to Netflix application. It will automatically log you in and will show the Instant Queue.

2. Now using the directional arrow keys on your PS3 controller, press the below key combination.







If this key combination doesn’t look like a true solution for the logout option, just go ahead and try it.

3. Once you press the key combination, another menu will popup and here you will see the details of the current Netflix account. In this screen you’ll see the option of  “Deactivate”. Just Go ahead and press the Deactivate button to logout of the Netflix. Next time you open the Netflix application on PS3, you’ll be required to enter your login credentials again.

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