How to Make Use of Kindle Serials

Posted by Mayank on September 6, 2012 in Kindle

Amazon made a lot of announcements today. One announcement which easily slipped by because of all the buzz around Amazon Kindle devices is Kindle Serials. Amazon introduced the old concept of publishing once again, which let users pay for a whole series of books up front, and then get future stories as they become available.

This is a way to get a full story broken up into parts, just like the old serial novel, only in this scenario, you’d just buy the first one, and the rest of them would come to your for free. Needless to say – none of this happens on paper – you get everything digitally.

how to make use of kindle serials

CEO Jeff Bezos said Kindle Singles has been very successful, with the company having sold 3.5 million Singles, this is an interesting extension of that. As he outlined, with Serials, users can buy once, and receive all future episodes automatically and seamlessly. Users can also “join the discusson”.

Kindle Series announcement brought back memories of how Charles Dickens published most of his books. This idea has been pretty successful in comics and TV. In the literary world, however, the idea has mostly fallen out of fashion. The first eight Kindle Serials titles seem to consist mostly of thrillers or mysteries, which sounds like a good fit for the format.

The Serials announcement was made at Amazon’s press conference today, where CEO Jeff Bezos also talked more broadly about the success of the Kindle Direct Publishing program. Bezos informed that out of the top 100 selling Kindle books, 27 of them are self-published.

So far, the Kindle Singles program has done well enough with 3.5 million digital copies sold, and 35 have reached the top 50. Amazon is hoping to build upon that with the introduction of Kindle Serials. All singles from Kindle Serials will cost $1.99.

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