How to Publish Simultaneously in Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter

Posted by Mayank on September 6, 2011 in Facebook,Google+

Every now and then a new social network comes up. Every social network has its USP and we use it for specific purpose. Because of different kinds of features available, there are a few posts or status updates you prefer to share in only one (say Facebook) and other sort of status update in all. For example, you might want to announce finishing a marathon in all the social networks, however, you might want to share a new camera trick only in Google Plus.

Because of so many social networks, it becomes a cumbersome exercise and really an unproductive one to manually post in all the social network. You might wonder if there was a tool, which you can use to share and publish simultaneously in Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.  Good news is that now there is a Chrome application to help you do so :

Publish Sync

Installing Publish Plus is easy : Just go to the above URL and install it. publish sync iconAfter it has been installed, you will notice a new icon show up in your Chrome browser as shown here. Click on this icon and you will see the settings page for Publish Sync – you will need to add accounts of the social networks you’d like to publish simultaneously.

publish sync settings

When you provide the userid and password, the application will ask your permission to access your account – give it the needful permission (what other option do you have, huh ?)

Once you provide the accounts, they get connected. Now when you try to publish something in one network, you get the option to chose whether you want to publish in other networks. For the sake of example, I’ll try to do status update in Facebook and use Publish Sync to simultaneously publish in Google Plus and Twitter.

So, I logon to Facebook and write whatever I want to share and select Google+ and Twitter as well.

publish sync on facebook

Next, I go to my Google+ and Twitter accounts and verify that the same status update has been made in Google Plus and Twitter.

publish sync in google+publish sync for twitter

Congratulations! Now you can publish simultaneously in Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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