How to Read PDF on Kindle

Posted by Mayank on June 30, 2011 in Kindle

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Kindle is an e-book reader from Amazon with the current version being Kindle 3 released in August 2010. Kindle is responsible for kick starting the fashion and comfort of an e-book readers. Exact figures are not available, but Amazon claims to having sold millions of Kindle. CNN reported on June 28th, 2011 that more Americans buy e-readers than tablets.

If you have Kindle, you just don’t have to resort to buying books from Amazon and there is a hell a lot of things you can do and read with Kindle. Many people wonder if it is possible to read pdf files on Kindle. You’d surprised that not only can a Kindle read pdf but there are a lot of file formats, which you can read on kindle. Kindle 3 has the capability to convert and wirelessly deliver the following format types as kindle file formats:

  • Microsoft Word (.DOC) and (.DOCX)
  • Structured HTML (.HTML) and (.HTM)
  • Rich Text Format (.RTF)
  • PDF (.PDF)
  • Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP

How to Read PDF on Kindle

Kindle can display a PDF document without losing the formatting of the original file. Easiest way to transfer PDF to Kindle is to email the PDF to our dedicated Kindle e-mail address (this email address can be found on the settings page on Kindle or the “Manage Your Kindle” page on Amazon). Amazon will then wirelessly deliver the PDF file directly to your Kindle via Whispernet.

For Kindle models that include 3G, Amazon charges a fee for personal documents delivered directly to your Kindle via 3G. However, you can avoid fees for the personal document service when you email the files to your Kindle.

There is an alternate method to send PDF to Kindle. I usually use this method because I usually do a bulk transfer and do a clean up at the same time. In the below example, I will show you how to transfer and read PDFs on Kindle (For the sake of example, I’ll be transferring only 1 file).

1. Connect your Kindle to your computer.

2. You need to copy the PDF you want to send to Kindle and save it in Kindle -> documents

send pdf to kindle

3. Eject the Kindle from your computer.

4. You’ll notice the PDF transferred to your Kindle.

5. Read PDF on Kindle

6. Using the Aa button, you can change your reading settings.

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