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How to Remove DNSChanger Virus | How to Identify DNS Changer Virus

How to Remove DNSChanger Virus

Posted by Mayank on July 7, 2012 in Security

If you wake up on Monday, June 9th 2012 and find that you’re unable to access the Web — it is because The FBI will shut down Internet servers that it temporarily set up to support those affected by malicious software, called DNSChanger. Turning off those servers will knock all those still infected offline.

Over the past five years, a group of six Estonian cybercriminals infected about 4 million computers around the world with DNSChanger virus. The DSNChanger malware redirected infected users’ web searches to spoofed sites with malicious advertisements and made $14 million through those illegal ads. In November 2011, the FBI and some overseas partners arrested those responsible, commandeered their servers, and attempted to warn those affected to get rid of the virus.

The servers were supposed to be shut down in March, but hundreds of thousands remained infected. Nearly 304,000 computers worldwide (about 70,000 in the United States and 21,300 in India) still had the virus in mid-June, according to the FBI’s latest report. Though the FBI tried to send notifications to those infected, it could not identify all of them. The time has come to cut the cord, and the emergency servers will be shut down on Monday, a spokesman said.

Is Your Computer Infected with DNS Changer?

Multiple websites have been setup to check if your computer is infected. One of them is DNS Changer Check-Up (for list of other websites click here). Simply visit the website and if you see green colour, your computer is clean. If you see red colour instead, your computer may be infected.


How to Remove DNSChanger

To help the users still infected, the agency has laid out a step-by-step plan on how to check to see if your computer has the virus. You can also visit this page for instructions on how to fix your computer.

If you prefer to manually check your system, detailed instructions for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS X are provided as well.
But remember, you should do this check immediately, because if your PC is infected, you won’t be able to access any websites after 9th July.

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