How to Remove Older Versions of Chrome (Huge space consumed by Chrome)

Posted by Mayank on June 25, 2012 in Browsers

The storage space on my Mac was fast filling up, so I was looking to remove unwanted files, applications, pictures and videos to free up some space on my Mac. This is when I was hit by a surprise. The Google Chrome application was consuming more than 2 GB on my hard disk. Upon comparison, I found that Firefox was consuming 81 MB and Safari was consuming 49 MB of space. Unable to digest the fact that a browser could consume so much space, I started to look at the root cause of the issue.

Huge space consumed by Chrome - delete old versions of Chrome on Mac

The most obvious solution was to get rid of history and browser cache. I went and cleared all the browsing data. A few KBs were knocked off the space consumed. Upon further analysis, I found that the root cause of why Chrome consumes huge disk space is that it keeps it’s previous versions. With time, these older versions start consuming a considerable amount of disk space.

How to Remove Older Versions of Chrome on Mac

Go to Applications -> Utilities and launch the Terminal application.

Type /Applications/Google and hit enter. You will find all the old versions of Chrome app stacked up in this folder. For example, my current Chrome version is 19.0.1084.56

chrome version

When I navigate to /Applications/Google — I can find a lot of previous versions of Chrome consuming a lot of space. You can run the command du -sm * at the same level to get size of each file in MB. As you can see that older versions of Chrome are occupying close to 2 GB of data themselves.

delete old versions of chrome on mac

I deleted all the old versions of Chrome except for the previous one. Then I restarted Chrome application and as expected – I found that the space occupied by Chrome has gone down to 80 MB!

How to Remove Older Versions of Chrome on Windows

Windows users can make use of a great app – OldChromeRemover to remove old Chrome versions from their machine and save disk space.


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