How to Resolve iTunes Error -50

Posted by Diya on June 14, 2011 in Apple,iTunes

The following alert may appear when trying to download purchased content from the iTunes Store:

“There was an error downloading your purchased music. An unknown error occurred (-50).”

This usually happens when the connection times out while downloading a purchased content from the iTunes Store. Apart from this, certain types of software may also obstruct the connection from your computer to the iTunes store, for example firewalls, web accelerators, Ad filters, anti-virus software etc.


If you have any of the software listed above, and you cannot access the iTunes Store or complete your download due to error -50, you will need to configure these applications to allow iTunes to connect to the Internet. You can take help of the product documentation that came with that software or otherwise you can contact the product helpdesk. It is most likely that you’ll need to configure the software to allow the following domains to send and receive data from the Internet :


If a web accelerator appears to be causing the issue, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the software manufacturer.

If you find that this error only occurs while attempting to download video content, you may be able to resolve the iTunes error -50 by deleting the cached video files of the download, then resuming your download.

To find the cached video downloads:

    1. Navigate to the downloads folder on your computer. This folder can be found in the locations listed below. Note: the “iTunes Media” folder may appear as “iTunes Music”.
      Mac OS X:
      ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/DownloadsNote: The tilde (~) refers to your Home directory.Windows Vista:
      UsersusernameMusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

Windows 7:
UsersusernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

Windows XP and 2000:
Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaDownloads

  1. Locate the folder that contains the cached video file for this purchase.
    In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the folder will be named for the purchased video, and the name will end with .tmp.

    Example: The Dundies.tmp

    In Windows XP and Windows 2000, the folder will be named for the purchased video, and the name will end with .m4v.tmp.

    Example: The Dundies.m4v.tmp

  2. Move the .tmp folder for the affected purchased video to the Trash or Recycle Bin.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Choose Store > Check for Available Downloads.
  5. Enter your account name and password and click the Check button.

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1 kari September 14, 2011 at 4:42 pm

I did the directions you told me to do, but it is still saying error occured (-50) . What do I do now??

2 Apurva September 14, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Kari – Did it start coming just now or this is the first time you’re trying to download from iTunes ?
Also, which computer do you use – PC or Mac?
Did you restart your machine as well ?

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