How to Resolve iTunes Error -9812

Posted by Diya on June 13, 2011 in Apple

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When you try to access the iTunes Store with iTunes, you may get the following alert message:
“iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-9812). Make sure your network connection is active and try again.”

The basic solution for this error -9182, which is applicable both for Mac and PC is to follow the below steps:
1. If you have broadband access (cable, DSL, or other high-speed access), turn off your modem for a minute.
2. If you also have a wireless router connected to the modem, turn it off as well for a minute.
3. Turn on the modem (and wireless router if used).
4. Once your web connection is established, try accessing the iTunes Store again from iTunes.

If the issue persists and you’re a Mac user, you can try to create a test new user:
1.    From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
2.    From the View menu, choose Accounts.
3.    Click “+”.
4.    Give the new user a name and short name.
5.    Select the checkbox for “Allow user to administer this computer”. This makes the user account an administrator.
6    Click OK, or quit System Preferences.

If resolved in the new user, the issue may be with VeriSign certificates in your login keychain under the main user.
1.    Quit all open programs.
2.    In the Finder, from the Go menu, choose Utilities.
3.    Open Keychain Access.
4.    Highlight the login keychain. If unable to find the login keychain, click the button in the lower left corner to show keychains.
5.    Under Category, choose Certificates.
6.    Look for an entry with a name beginning with VeriSign.
7.    Highlight all entries which match that description.
8.    From the File menu, choose Export Items….
9.    After exporting the entries, from the Edit menu, choose Delete.
10.    Choose ‘Delete’ if asked.
11.    Restart.

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