How to Resolve WordPress Missed Schedule

Posted by Mayank on September 10, 2011 in Website

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If you run a WordPress blog or a website, you know how to schedule posts or pages. It is not a common occurrence thought but, every once is a while you will notice that sometimes your scheduled post or pages do not show up. If you logon to WordPress and go to all posts, you will notice a warning/error message below the Date Column and it says “Missed Schedule” like one shown below.

wordpress missed scheduleSince this is usually a rare occurrence, you are bound to be surprised – why! why did it miss the schedule.

This error apparently was a common one in the previous versions of WordPress (version 3 and earlier), however, it continues to happen every now and then. What happens is that future posts are assigned to a cronjob [ wp_schedule_single_event($unix_time_stamp, ‘publish_future_post’, array($post_ID)) ] – and this job fails to publish the scheduled post of page because of a deadlock or host of other issues. It looks somewhat unusual means of accomplishing the task and I’m not a WordPress expert developer to comment if this is the most effective way or not.

There are workarounds available, however, that is not what I’m going to suggest today. I’m going to suggest a tool, which will take care of this. This tool is a WordPress plugin called WP Missed Schedule. You can either install it from the “Add New” section of the Plugins by searching from it or you can download it from the URL provided earlier and use a FTP tool to upload it to your plugins directory.

This plugin will help you find all the missed schedule posts, during a failed cron job, and it republish them correctly. It checks every 5 minutes for all the posts that match the problem and can fix 5 items per session, one session every 5 minutes. Since WordPress is pretty stable, so you will rarely meet such a scenario.

Downloaded more than 12,000 times, this is a easy enough solution for WordPress missed schedule problem.

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